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Kang Jun, the president of the association, was born in year 1969, May 27th in Seoul Korea. During the 5th grade, at age 10, he entered the Japanese martial art called Pal Kwang Ryu Yu...



Chief Instructor Christian Seiglie started martial arts at the age of 8. He has been studying Taekwondo for 20 years and instructing for 10 years...


  • Milton J Perez


    I got into Martial Arts at a very young age. When Martial Arts was taking over the Hollywood scene in the early 80’s and 90’s by actors and Martial Artist like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude VanDam, Jackie Chang, Steven Seagal just to name a few.


    Then one time when I was in Puerto Rico at about the age 19 my father put on this Kumite tournament called The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and I saw first hand how Martial Arts worked in a real situation. After that my interest peeked to learn Martial Arts. I first studied Karate, Kick Boxing, Jeet-Kune Do, Greco Roman Wrestling, Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, Western Boxing and now GongKwon Yusul.


    There were a lot of moments in my life that I had to stop training for what ever reason and every time I felt this calling to train. That I had to be somewhere learning something that few can do but that many could benefit from.


    This is where I meet Sumbinim Seiglie. At the time I had just gotten back from Puerto Rico for personal reasons. At this very point my Martial Arts career was deeply rooted in Aikido (5 years) and I had no interest in any other disciplines.


    All of the sudden a friend of mine mentions to me about the little school in my town and that our known friend Chris teaches there and he is  the real thing, got certified in Korea and everything.  After meeting Chris again and reminiscing about High School I started training in this new art-form and found that I have improved dramatically in all facades of Martial Arts.


     Chris is a well spoken teacher who has a passion for Martial Arts and train’s people not just to be fit and to grow at any skill level; but to also grow spiritually and maximize your inner potential as a person.


    Gongkwon Yusul is a beautiful discipline that has something for everybody. Thanks’ to Chris and his teaching style I am going for my instructor test and looking forward to visiting Korea and coming back a black belt. Thanks to Chris all this is possible not just because he is a great teacher but because he is a good human being.


     “To teach is not enough, to have a student teach others. This is true enlightment.”




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